Le Délit et le Daily ont, au fil du temps, développé des liens avec plusieurs groupes et organismes que vous connaissez peut-être. Voici ce qu’ils ont à dire à propos de nous et de notre référendum:

(Les textes qui suivent sont écrits dans la langue choisie par leurs auteurs.)

The McGill Tribune

“A vote against the DPS is a vote to cut off two major sources of democratic accountability.”

Read The McGill Tribune’s full editorial endorsing the DPS Referendum Question on their website.

The McGill Radical Law Students' Association

The McGill Radical Law Students’ Association (RadLaw) is a collective of students in the Faculty of Law who work in solidarity with Montreal organizations, through the development of egalitarian relationships with communities. RadLaw provides a space for students to explore alternative legal discourse, as long as liberal legal discourse is the dominant discourse available to students at McGill.

RadLaw endorses a YES vote in the DPS’s existence referendum. The Daily provides an important platform for critical analysis and social justice at McGill. We appreciate the Daily’s commitment to the creation of anti-oppressive spaces on campus and their dedication to sharing perspectives that have been historically erased within the institution.


Qpirg-McGill endorses a YES vote in the DPS existence referendum!

Qpirg believes that a strong and independent student press is vital for a politically healthy campus. The DPS gives unique opportunities to students to explore and develop their voices, as well as to learn concrete investigate journalistic skills. In addition to hands-on experience, organizations like the DPS also make space for questioning power and the status quo. The DPS’s commitment to marginalized voices and challenging oppressive and harmful atmospheres at McGill make it an organization that the McGill community can’t afford to lose.

Qpirg-McGill encourages a YES vote for student-run journalism and for the continuation of the DPS’s important work!

The Link

Next week, McGill students will be asked to vote on whether the two outlets managed by the Daily Publications Society, The McGill Daily and Le Délit, should continue to exist. We at The Link think they should.

Read The Link’s full editorial.

Esprit libre

La revue L’Esprit libre invite les étudiants-es à voter oui au référendum d’existence de la SPD. Une société qui se veut démocratique se doit d’encourage la pluralité des voix. Les médias alternatifs et étudiants jouent un rôle essentiel, et c’est d’autant plus vrai aujourd’hui dans un contexte où les médias traditionnels sont en profonde transformation.

CKUT 90.3 FM

CKUT Radio 100% endorses a YES VOTE for The McGill Daily and Le Délit’s existence referendum. The Daily and le Delit have provided crucial media outlets for students for over 100 years. They have been critical to centring student voices in important conversations, in addition to providing a space to gain practical skills. The Daily and le Delit also ensure to bring in stories beyond the campus setting and are even essential news sources in the larger Montreal media landscape. As a community media outlet ourself, we believe that there needs to be more places for campus conversations, not less. From November 13-16, please vote YES to the existence of the Daily and le Délit!

TVM: Student Television at McGill

TVM endorses a YES vote for the Daily Publication Society (DPS) existence referendum. We understand and support the existence of a free and critical student press in both the English and French language. Furthermore, just as we strive to do, the DPS helps fill a hole that is not covered by any McGill field of study, helping to provide hands-on experience in media and journalism. Don’t forget to vote between November 13th and 16th!

The Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students' Society (SACOMSS)

The Sexual Assault Centre of the McGill Students’ Society (SACOMSS) endorses a YES vote for the Daily [Publications] Society (DPS) in their upcoming existence referendum. The DPS represents a critical journalistic voice on campus and contributes to the maintenance of a free and vibrant student press. Furthermore, both Le Délit and The McGill Daily work within a framework that recognizes uneven power dynamics and strives to address the ways in which systems of oppression can be perpetuated. As such, they provide a meaningful platform to amplify the voices of marginalized students.

The publications of the DPS have demonstrated a commitment to reporting on sexual violence that has taken place within the context of SSMU and McGill. The publications of the DPS have made significant contributions to conversations concerning sexual violence on campus. SACOMSS affirms its support for a YES vote in the existence referendum for the Daily [Publications] Society.

Midnight Kitchen

Midnight Kitchen endorses a “Yes” vote on the DPS existence referendum that allow DPS to preserve its funds. Midnight Kitchen values providing space for the exchange of ideas within a community. The DPS, being the org that handles both the McGill Daily and Le Delit, is vitally important to allowing students to get their opinions out there and creatively express themselves. Additionally, since McGill has no journalism program, it provides students with the opportunity of acquiring hands-on experience in researching and reporting stories. Critical investigative journalism is a huge part of holding institutions accountable to the individuals and community members within them. Please vote YES to allow the Daily and Le Délit to continue their valued work.

Independent Jewish Voices McGill

We, as collective members of Independent Jewish Voices McGill, endorse a YES vote in the Daily Publications Society’s upcoming existence referendum.

We value both Le Délit and The McGill Daily as outlets for students and community members to engage in radical journalistic inquiry and to publish expressions of creativity and curiosity. The DPS allows for students to engage in hands-on journalism, learning the ins and outs of global, local, and community-based writing. Through writing, contributors to the papers are given the opportunity to expose administrative and social injustice. The DPS actively seeks to hold McGill accountable to its students and community members.

The Daily abides by an anti-oppressive mandate and seeks to uplift narratives of marginalized folks on campus and throughout its tangential communities. In relation to IJV’s work, it gives important and necessary visibility to both Palestinian narratives and those of Jewish folks who are critical of Zionism. These narratives are often overlooked by other campus media outlets, and in doing so, the DPS proves its commitment to anti-colonial journalism.

Independent Jewish Voices McGill, as such, supports a YES vote in the Daily Publications Society’s existence referendum.

The French Students' Club

The McGill French Students’ Club supports the Daily Publications Society. Montreal is a bilingual city, and the majority of its inhabitants’ mother tongue is French. Le Délit has been the voice of the francophones studying at McGill since 1977. The journal has brought together different cultures, bringing students closer to the surrounding community and reinforced the link between McGill, francophones, and Montreal. Le Délit is student-run, anyone can get involved as a contributor, photographer, or editor. This year, Le Délit has celebrated its 40th anniversary. For the occasion, the current team had invited former editors, former editors-in-chief and contributors. Some said Le Délit was one of their best experience in life, other explained how this experience has been useful for their career, and for all it has been a great school of life. For all of those reasons, we believe that is it crucial to keep the only francophone newspaper on campus going.


Franc-Jeu would like to reaffirm its commitment in supporting DPS and Le Délit, as they are essential to the francophone student community of McGill. As such, Franc-Jeu endorses a ‘Yes’ vote in the upcoming referendum in order to support ‘Le Delit’ and and francophonie, as well as fostering student journalism’ pluralism through DPS.

Black Students' Network of McGill

The Black Students’ Network of McGill (BSN) stands in solidarity with the Daily Publications Society (DPS) in their fee-levy campaign. The McGill Daily has existed for the past 100 years, while Le Délit for the past 40 years. As McGill does not offer a journalism program unlike other universities in North America, these two news outlets provide great experience for students who would like to learn about journalism. This referendum is not about agreeing or disagreeing with the publications of these newspapers, rather, this referendum is about supporting long-standing student-run initiatives within our campus community. That is why, we encourage all to vote YES on Nov. 13th.